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For Employers

Next to payroll, medical benefits are the largest expense employers face. Ensuring you are providing the best coverage to your employees at the best rates is a difficult and time-consuming process. In fact for employers with less than 100 employees, often the only way is to have each employee complete a paper application for every carrier you wish to quote. FormFire replaces all of these paper applications with a digital process and adds tracking that paper can’t offer.

Save Time

FormFire allows each employee to create a private and secure account, answer all relevant medical questions and sign online, bypassing paper entirely. These accounts can be completed at any hour from any computer. Also, each account is checked for errors prior to signing, reducing the number of calls from carriers seeking additional information.

Get Firm Rates

Applying for medical coverage using FormFire gives you more than just a "street quote". Because of the complete medical history provided to each carrier, you will receive medically underwritten quotes.

Track the Process

Using FormFire, you can see which employees are updating their accounts, which haven’t started, and which are finished. You can even add and terminate employees right from your control panel.

HIPAA Compliant

By eliminating paper and implementing a secure online system with built-in auditing, you can be more HIPAA compliant.

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