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Challenges and Benefits of Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines

Whether health insurance should be sold across state lines is a highly debatable topic. One theory points to benefits, showing that more consumer choices allow the ability to potentially lower health insurance costs, while Brokers can expand their reach and grow their business. On the other hand, the idea of developing a more national market Read More

How Generation Z Is Changing Healthcare

Move over, Millennials, Generation Z―or those who were born from 1995 and 2015―are officially the “new guys” at work. Robert Half predicts that this generation will make up 20 percent of the total workforce by 2020. As Gen Z increasingly gains its footing in the workplace, insurance offerings will need to adjust to meet this Read More

These are the Healthcare Benefits that Matter Most to Employees in 2019

When building a benefits package, there’s a lot for Employers to consider when they work with a Broker. After all, for Groups, employee satisfaction greatly depends on benefits. A survey by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) showed that 92 percent of employees find benefits important to their overall job satisfaction, with nearly a third Read More

Like your plan? You can keep it…again.

For benefits brokers looking at their block of 51-99 business, this year is shaping up like a bad sequel. Less than 2 years removed from the “Great Quote Tsunami of 2013,” brokers are gearing up for what could be an even bigger, crazier off-cycle shopping season in 2015. You can call this one “Quote Tsunami Read More

Need to navigate the private exchange? FormFire can help.

How do you explain a process to someone who has never experienced it before? Where do you start? “Well,” you might say, “they start at the beginning.” That’s true, but there’s a lot missing from that explanation, and that’s exactly how it feels when companies talk about private health insurance exchanges. “Well,” I’ve heard people Read More