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Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment Period

The open enrollment period is a crucial time for any Broker. While timelines may vary from group to group, many Brokers ideal is to start work 90 days prior to enrollment. Nobody wants to have problems arise when the clock is ticking. As for the Employers and individual Group members, they have their own concerns Read More

Proactive Tips for Achieving Your Highest Retention Rate Ever

A poor retention rate is a major concern for any Broker. When you lose clients during their renewal windows, it’s hard to establish a regular base of income and any new clients simply fill a void instead of growing your business. This uncertainty is a big reason why many Brokers strive to improve retention rates Read More

MEWAs: What Are They and What are the Benefits?

There are three general types of self-funded plans listed in ERISA: Single employer, multi-employer based on collective bargaining agreements, and multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs). While the first two types of plans are full ERISA plans, MEWAs enjoy a hybrid status between federal and state regulation. This status can make MEWAs very complicated, but it Read More

Time-Saving Tips to Quote More Groups, Faster

A long quoting process isn’t going to help Brokers take on more Groups. A fast, efficient quoting process not only helps Brokers earn more business, it also alleviates the workload for employees, which ends up making a good Broker look even better. Of course, the key to this scenario becoming reality is finding a way Read More

How to Create Better Quote Presentations than the Competition

Every Broker has a different process for creating quote presentations. Some Brokers prefer to hand-type detailed presentations on custom templates, while others simply use the information they receive from the Carriers. Regardless of the approach, FormFire gives Brokers the tools to create better proposals in less time. The main purpose of FormFire is to provide Read More