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Why Now is the Time to Evaluate Broker Quoting Software

There’s never a bad time to find ways to bring on more clients. Broker quoting software can give you the ability to streamline your processes, which in turn allows you to do more business. Here are three reasons why you should evaluate quoting software now instead of waiting until busy season has begun. It’s a Good Read More

4 Broker Must-Do’s to Prepare for Quoting Season

With small business quoting season picking up, it pays to be prepared when you’re a Broker. A little extra work ahead of time can help you attract new customers and save yourself a lot of time and energy during the actual quoting process. Here are some ways that you can be extra prepared for quoting Read More

4 Client Retention Tips for Health Insurance Brokers

A Broker’s most important clients can be the existing ones. While finding new clients can be a key part of your business, it’s extremely beneficial to focus on client retention strategies that can prevent quality Employers from moving on to another Broker. Why is silent retention so important? First, keeping clients is a good financial Read More

4 Marketing and Sales Strategies for Health Insurance Brokers in 2018

The best Broker in the business won’t be successful if people don’t know about his or her services. A good marketing strategy can help you reach a wider audience of potential customers, which can include everything from educating Employers to investing in new software to improve your services. Here are four ways that you can Read More

New Age-Band Changes in 2018: What You Should Know

New changes in age-band rates became effective Jan.1, 2018, which means that Brokers and Carriers must adjust how they estimate quotes in the new year. According to the American Academy of Actuaries, the new age band changes were made “to better reflect the actuarial risk of children and to provide a more gradual transition from Read More