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An Easier, Faster Way to Collect Small Group Employee Information

Collecting employee information is crucial, but that doesn’t have to mean that the process must take a long time. FormFire health insurance quoting software provides Brokers with an interview system that makes it much easier and faster to get all the details that each Carrier requires. Less time collecting information means more time for you to Read More

How to Evaluate if Self-Funding is a Good Option for Small Groups

If you’re looking to offer a more competitive plan with better rates, it may be time to consider self-funding. Recently, we’ve noticed a trend where more small employers are turning away from fully-insured products like ACA plans. This shift has led more Brokers to consider whether some form of self-funded plans could be a better Read More

How FormFire helps Brokers Manage Groups Year-Round

Managing your groups year-round can be a time-consuming duty as a Broker. Fortunately, group management doesn’t have to be complicated. FormFire’s software provides you with a suite of professional tools that can help you manage your groups from enrollment-to-enrollment. Group Management During Open Enrollment Guiding your groups through enrollment is already a time-consuming process, especially during Read More

Why Now is the Time to Evaluate Broker Quoting Software

There’s never a bad time to find ways to bring on more clients. Broker quoting software can give you the ability to streamline your processes, which in turn allows you to do more business. Here are three reasons why you should evaluate quoting software now instead of waiting until busy season has begun. It’s a Good Read More