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A Quote Tsunami is Brewing: Make Sure Your Quoting Process is Scalable

These three trends are pointing to more September quoting than ever before. 1. Back-loaded Books of Business Brokers and employers were quick to jump on carrier 12/1 renewals last year, a prudent move at the peak of market uncertainty. However, many brokers now have a back loaded book with more renewals than ever falling on Read More

Winners of the Annual FormFire Health Benefits Survey

FormFire is pleased to announce the winners of our annual Health Benefits Survey. We surveyed over 100,000 people throughout the 2013 and 2014 renewal season. Respondents were asked to provide feedback on the value of service they receive from their broker and insurance plan. Topics included product knowledge, communication, client support, and the likelihood that Read More What Technology Companies Can Learn From Its Missteps

With the rollout of, technology has officially taken center stage in the healthcare industry. It may seem only natural now, but ten years ago – when I created what would eventually become FormFire – paper was still very much the only currency in use, at least in the small group market. Over that time, Read More