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3 Organization and Time Management Tips for Brokers

For Brokers, time is money. The more time you’re able to spend prospecting and selling, the more profitable you’ll be. Simple, right? But for most brokers, the average work week isn’t composed entirely of selling. There are administrative tasks to take care of, along with the creation of proposals, quotes and sales material. Being able Read More

Design Studio at FormFire

What in the world is a design studio? A design studio workshop is a way to create a slew of different solutions to a design problem. Instead of having designers sit down and draft up a solution, it engages a much larger set of people from as many different parts of the company as possible. Read More

Get a Sneak Peak of FormFire’s New Look

We are excited to announce that our new look will be live in a few short weeks! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the sleek and user-friendly interface – that now has a similar look to our PricePing™ tool. The new look will be done in several releases. This first one focuses on the Administrative home Read More

Office Productivity

FormFire is introducing a new section, Office Productivity, to our blog. This section will focus on introducing you to tools and services that can help decrease the time and investment you apply to your clients. FormFire is committed to helping you increase your efficiency, maximize selling opportunities, and gain insights into your market. These tools Read More