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FormFire’s Newest Features (07/29/2015)

Coverage Selection merging with Plan Selection Coverage Selection and Plan Selection have been merged onto one tab inside the employee interview. The questions on the Coverage Selection page that ask if the employee has a spouse or children is no longer asked. If an employee lists out a spouse or dependent on the Family Info Read More

FormFire Releases Community Quoting Tool In Maryland and D.C.

We are pleased to announce that FormFire’s community-rated quoting tool, PricePing™, is now available in Virginia and Washington D.C. The carriers available for Maryland and D.C. include United Healthcare, Coventry and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. The time-saving tool can create multiple quotes at once with just a click of a button. An account manager could take Read More

Newest Features on FormFire (10/20/2014)

Here’s what’s new for you. Updated Censuses The PHP Indiana census has been added to FormFire in addition to updated versions of the Key Health Partners census, the Summa Care census, the BCBS Texas quoting census, and the All Savers quoting template. Assurant Medical Condition Census The Assurant Medical Condition Census will now automatically be Read More

Newest Features on FormFire (9/2/2014)

FormFire has made a variety of groundbreaking changes, all designed to assist you in choosing the best benefits for your clients. QUOTE OVERHAUL Many stylistic and functional changes have been made to FormFire Quote: Quote no longer opens in a separate tab (the clients page can still be accessed with a Back button). The template Read More

Newest Features on FormFire (7/14/2014)

This weekend’s product release adds some new functionality and corrects a few bugs. NEW TOBACCO CENSUS REPORT Administrative users can now export tobacco questions from the employee interview on the custom census page. NEW PROVIDER SEARCH IN PLAN SELECTION Details about the plan network now including the ability for the employer to conduct a network provider search. TOTAL Read More