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How Health Insurance Brokers Can Better Leverage Technology in 2019

Health insurance technology trends are increasingly making the group benefits process easier for Brokers, Carriers, and small Groups. From quoting to enrollment to ongoing group management, technology continues to seep into every aspect of the job. As a Broker, you should start to evaluate the software you use and think about the different ways you Read More

How to Relieve Stress During Busy Season

Quoting season is always a stressful time of year for Brokers. From the heaps of paperwork Brokers need to collect to produce multiple quotes for Employers, it can be hard to picture what a stress-free busy season would look like. Collecting medical information and pulling rates from Carriers can cause stress for Brokers. Especially since Read More

The Benefits of Online Health Insurance Enrollment

The benefits enrollment process traditionally involves paper forms, but ongoing advancements in technology have given Brokers the means to improve the process for everyone involved. As a Broker, health insurance quoting and proposal software can help you make the switch to online enrollment, which can save you time and set you apart from your competitors. Here Read More