Noteworthy Features and Enhancements

Live Chat Support

  • Users going through the FormFire interview now have access to a third option for support, Live Chat.
  • To access Live Chat from the interview:
    • Click "Talk to Support".
    • Click "Having trouble entering your answer or using the System".
    • The "Live Chat" icon will appear below the FormFire Support phone number.
    • Example shown below. (Click image to enlarge)

Live Chat

RX Report

  • FormFire Broker Partners whose package includes Consultant Level Reporting (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages)┬ánow have access to the new and exciting RX Report.
  • The RX Report compliments FormFire's suite of Client Level Reports by providing brokers the ability to view all medications taken by group members.
  • The RX Report itemizes Medication including an employee count, Active Ingredient and Dosage, Dosage Frequency, Date Started and Ended, and the Condition for which it is/was being taken.
  • Used in conjunction with the Medical Condition Summary Report, these are powerful tools for a broker making Carrier/Plan recommendations to clients.
  • Example shown below. (Click image to enlarge)

RX Report