FormFire releases several feature enhancements and fixes on a regular basis to improve our product and to better serve our customers. Below is a brief overview of our system updates for 9/30/2016.

Forms added/sent on Send Forms now accessible in Document Center

Documents added on the “Send Forms” page used to only be available at the time of upload and were removed once sent to a carrier. Now, any forms that a user attaches in the “Send forms” page will save in the Document Center for that group/client and be possible to view/delete.

HR changes and signature requirement

When HR user makes changes on an already existing and signed employer app, a new signature is needed to save the changes. If the user clicks log off, a message should be displayed to remind the user that a signature is needed to save the changes.


Set Up MEWA Forms Automation

When a group becomes a SOCA MEWA group only (selection on Client Details), the system will save the selection and also auto-select Set Up Employee Forms as checklist indicated below.  Forms should override existing selections for existing Groups but remain editable so user can change at any time.


Invalidated Signatures Bug Fix

A bug was fixed that sometimes invalidated signatures and changed employee statuses to updating when an HR manager would add salary information. --- If you find a bug or need assistance, please contact us at or visit our Support Center at