FormFire Production Release Notes – 9/21/2016

FormFire releases several feature enhancements and fixes on a regular basis to improve our product and to better serve our customers. Below is a brief overview of our system updates for 9/21/2016.

Load Census Label Changed to Add Employee(s)

In the “HR Manager Dashboard”, the “Load Census” label has been changed to be “Add Employee(s)”. HR users can add one or multiple employees via this method.





Updates to Titles on the Client List

“Client Status” has been changed to “Client Enrollment,” and “Employee Status” has been changed to “Employee Enrollment” on the “Client List” page.





Document Center Upgrades


  1. “Category” has been renamed to “File Type.”
  2. Added new file types and the ability to add custom file types when adding or requesting documents.
  3. Groupings are now utilized when adding or requesting documents.
  4. Users can now view documents right from “Document Center” page by clicking  on the file name to view them in a new window.

“Coverage Change” Notification Bug Fix

Some Brokers were receiving notifications for coverage changes when no changes were made. This bug has been fixed.

If you find a bug or need assistance, please contact us at or visit our Support Center at

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