We're happy to announce the release of FormFire version 6.12, which is scheduled to go into effect the night of Friday 9/28/12. In this release, FormFire has added several feature enhancements to further serve our customers.

Noteworthy Features and Enhancements


  • New landing page for enhanced workflow
  • Performance enhancements
  • Better looking reports


  • Surveys can now be¬†anonymous or de-anonymized, allowing responses to be effectively tied back to applicants.
  • A disclaimer will indicate to the applicant whether or not their response will be anonymous.

Security Questions

  • Security questions are now available to add another dimension of authentication for the user.
  • Security questions can be managed from the "Account Settings" link in the upper right when logged in.
  • When using Password Reset Option 2 in the interview site, the user will be prompted to answer a security question.
  • Existing users will be prompted to answer three security questions the first time logging after 9/28.


  • User signatures are now stamped with a unique PIN for added security.
  • An email notification will notify the user of their new signature as well as their PIN.

View/Download Forms

  • Forms are viewable/downloadable after using "Send Forms".

Tobacco Use Questions Changes

  • Tobacco "Quantity" is now being collected and mapped to forms.
  • When the tobacco type is not cigarettes, the tobacco type will be mapped to the appropriate field.

For more information on how to use FormFire, please visit our knowledge base.