Coverage Selection Coverage Selection merging with Plan Selection Coverage Selection and Plan Selection have been merged onto one tab inside the employee interview. The questions on the Coverage Selection page that ask if the employee has a spouse or children is no longer asked. If an employee lists out a spouse or dependent on the Family Info tab they will choose whether they are covering or waiving on the Plan Selection tab. This will make it easier for Employees to decide on which Plans will work best for them cost-wise.   Document Manager Document Management Page for HR Managers A document manager page has been added for the Broker and HR manager. This will allow Brokers to send files to the HR Manager for review, and it will also allow Brokers to request documents from the HR Manager. A request will appear on the HR Manager screen so they can fulfill it. Brokers will be able to see a log of when an HR Manager has viewed each document. This will allow Brokers to easily share required document with HR Managers in a secure way. For more information contact or call 216-502-2324.