Increasing amounts of Employer groups are contacting us looking to solve their enrollment or benefit administration troubles. As a FormFire Broker, you know, we are not a brokerage house and have no plans to be one. You are our services outlet; we are your technology provider. Plain and simple. Moving forward, we would like to point Employer groups back to our Broker community, and in a generalized sense, promote to groups who are not in the FormFire system. Here is our plan to help both of us put the word out:

  1. Reach out to us for a “FormFire Enabled” badge. Please use this in any away you wish to let both current and prospective clients know that you are connected and are an access point.
  2. Employers that inquire with us will be told to look for a local FormFire Enabled broker. We will not be providing any “Broker lists,” online selection resources or give any suggestions as to who Groups should contact.
  3. To make sure the value you have and our FormFire tools are known, in select markets we will be promoting our Broker community and our technology’s capabilities. We will not be promoting to any Employer group CURRENTLY active on the FormFire platform.Inquiring Employers will be told, as previously described, to visit with a local FormFire Enabled Broker.

In short, this is a critical time in which our combined value should not be overlooked by Employer groups. Please use the FormFire Enabled badge with pride, you deserve the recognition, you are a forward-looking enterprise which can offer both technology and local services that groups can rely on. Any questions or concerns – please contact us directly.