We recently made a few enhancements to increase broker efficiency, provide flexibility and comply with ACA. Average Total Number of Employees As part of PPACA, the Small Group Market is defined as 1 to 100 average total number of employees (ATNE). To support the collection of ATNE, we added a field on the "Send Forms" page. Currently, this field is not required with submission to all carriers. Single Year Age Bands To accommodate adjusted community rating, we now support plan selection with a single rate band for children 0-20, single rate band for 64 and older, and individual single year rate bands for 21-63. HSA/HRA Contributions In support of metallic plan ratings, we now collect employer contributions to HSA/HRA accounts as part of the client setup process. Expanded Employer Contribution Types FormFire now supports four types of employer contribution:

  1. Defined Contribution - Employer contribution is a lump sum by tier that can be spent on any combination of coverage lines the employee decides.
  2. Dollar Medical - Employer specifies a dollar amount to contribute to Medical, and a percentage to Dental, Vision, and Life.
  3. Percentage Medical All Plans - Employer specifies a percentage to contribute to Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life.
  4. Percentage Medical Base Plan - Employer specifies a percentage of a chosen "base plan" on which to base their contribution, and a percentage to Dental, Vision, and Life.

We have more interesting things under development, so check back frequently.