New Product Updates (8/31/2015)

Enrollment End Date

Enrollment Start and End Dates
It is now automatically determined when enrollment is open or closed based on dates inputted. The status on the Client grid will read “Enrollment Closed” once the end date has passed. This alleviates the additional work for brokers to go in and manually close enrollment. Brokers will also receive notifications when employees make changes outside of the enrollment period.

Sending Individual Forms
Sending Individual Forms to the Carriers Securely
Individual forms for employees within groups can now be sent securely through FormFire using our “Send Forms” tool. If an individual creates a FormFire account and needs to enroll in coverage outside of open enrollment Brokers can now send one employees information to the carrier.

Life Change Question
New Qualifying Life Event Options
When Employees need to make changes to their accounts outside of the open enrollment period to keep benefit information up to date employees now have more options to choose from.
• New Hire
• Birth
• Adoption
• Marriage
• Divorce
• Court Ordered Dependent
• Death of Dependent
• Employee Status Change
• Rehire
• Address Change
• Name Change
• Other

Notification history log
Notification History Page
A new page has been added where Brokers can view a log of notifications that were sent to them via email. This will allow Brokers a way to view notifications even if the original email has been lost. There is a similar notification page available for HR Managers.

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3 Responses

  1. Joseph Colyer says:

    I’d like to have a webinar scheduled for an in depth look at features for my producers at the firm. Thank you.

  2. Sarah Niesl says:

    Are these additional features available in Wisconsin and what is the cost?
    Please contact me with additional information.
    Thank you

  3. Dennis Jones says:

    Same questions, what is the cost and is it available in VA, DC, MD?
    How difficult is it to setup each company?

    Thank You