Over the weekend we implemented some changes to the system that we think you’ll find useful. New Browser Support The broker portal now works with Chrome and Safari, as well as Internet Explorer and Firefox. This was a frequently requested item and now you can use the browser of your choice. Broker Transfers Currently there is a five day waiting period on broker transfers. However, we often receive inquiries from groups and brokers asking us to waive the waiting period. The notification emails that go to the incumbent broker now contain a waiver link. If you receive one of these emails, you can click the link to waive the waiting period and the group will transfer immediately once it has confirmed the request. If you choose not to waive, the process will proceed as normal. Our notifications also now include the date and time the transfer will take place so there will be less confusion as to when you should see a group in your account. We have more interesting things under development, so check back frequently.