NEW CENSUS, NEW INFORMATION, NEW YEAR FormFire is once again staying ahead of the curve by providing new censuses, new details, and further refining the user interface. Check out the changes we’ve made below. NEW CENSUS We’ve added a new Medical Mutual of Ohio census and the HealthSpan West census. CENSUS GENERATION PAGE UPDATES We’ve added a new Select/Deselect All button to the custom census generation page. This will check all of the fields on the page, or turn them all off. There is now a link for the community census on this page, too. MEDICAL HISTORY TAB HIDDEN WHEN NOT REQUIRED We’ve removed the ”Medical History” tab when the collection of medical history questionnaire is turned off. EMPLOYER DETAILS When a broker receives the email notification of an employee transfer, it will now display the title of the new employer. This will help brokers identify who transferred into their brokerage and what employer they work for. RATES & METALS While updating the Rate Review page we included our metal plan data (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum). This helps users identify the variety of rates offered by insurance carriers. CENSUS CLARIFICATION Some census files on the Generate Census page now have new titles that feature their valid years. This will help brokers identify which censuses are valid for 2013 and which are valid for 2014. PLACEKEEPING When an employer is selected in the Clients list and the user proceeds to a client-specific page (e.g. “Edit Client Details” or “Employee List”) the chosen client will still be selected if the “back” button is pressed. This improves the versatility and usability of the FormFire site. CHANGES TO TOBACCO USE FormFire now supports plans that separate tobacco and non-tobacco user rates.  When applicable, the Load Rates page will now display two separate columns per age band: one for non-tobacco user rate and another for tobacco user rate.