Here's what's new for you. Updated Censuses The PHP Indiana census has been added to FormFire in addition to updated versions of the Key Health Partners census, the Summa Care census, the BCBS Texas quoting census, and the All Savers quoting template. Assurant Medical Condition Census The Assurant Medical Condition Census will now automatically be sent with Assurant submissions and from the Generate Census screen under “Quote Census.” The medical conditions in the census all match the application’s conditions list as well. Plan Name Customization Brokers now have the ability to customize Plan Names and Plan Descriptions shown on the employees’ Plan Selection page. 8-tier Medical Plan Structure Plan Selection has been updated to allow brokers the ability to select a different tier for the enrollees. The eight tiers consist of: employee; employee and spouse; employee and child; employee and two children; employee and three or more children; employee, spouse, and child; employee, spouse, and two children; and employee, spouse, and three or more children.