We rolled out some new HR-related features over the weekend. Here's a summary of the changes. NEW HR REPORTS We’ve created new reports tailored specifically to HR representatives:

  • Coverage & Waivers: this shows which employees have accepted employer-provided coverage
  • Hire Date Report: shows employees by hire date and how long they’ve been with the company
  • Employee Phone List: provides the employee home and cell phone numbers, when available

Please be sure to inform your group contacts about these new reports. HR SNAPSHOT UPDATES Based on your feedback, we’ve made some updates to the new monthly Group Snapshot email:

  • Only groups showing HR activity within the last 18 months will receive the SnapShot.
  • Brokers know best, so we’ve given you the ability to manage which of your groups receive the monthly email. For more information, please visit the help article on FormFire’s Support Center.