We’ve made multiple updates this week that improve everyone’s FormFire experience, from the employee to the broker. MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE When an employee waives medical coverage, they’ll no longer see the Medical History tab in the FormFire interview. However, if they’ve previously entered medical information, the Medical History tab will remain visible. RATINGS CALCULATION UHc B2B rate requests now use birthdates in conjunction with policy effective date to calculate age-banded rates. NEW GROUP DROPDOWN MENUS When an administrator is on the Editing Group Details page in Quote, they can now select the group’s county and state from dropdown lists instead of free-typing. CENSUS TIMEOUT DISABLED When manually uploading a census, users will no longer experience time out errors. CLIENT DETAILS A bug causing occasional errors in a group’s address has been squashed. UHc RATE PROPOSAL FORM The Rate Proposal PDF for UHc now supports premium costs for groups of 40 or more employees with age-banded rating. INTERNET EXPLORER The images on the Broker Resources page no longer vanish when a user is downloading marketing material in Internet Explorer.