We’ve recently made a variety of changes to the FormFire site that increases both organization and usability. Census Updates The Bluegrass Family Health census template is now live on the site. We have also posted Anthem’s censuses for 2014. Broker Access to the Load Rates Interface Brokers with Service Representative, Account Executive, and Customer Administrator access are now able to use the Load Rates interface. This feature was previously only available to general agency administrators. The Load Rates interface allows brokers to use direct carrier data feed (in available markets) or manually enter plan rates for use with plan selection. Plan Metals on Display We now categorize the health insurance plans by metal: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The various metals are visible on PDFs and in the Plan Selection and Plan Comparison sections of the site. Unassigned Users Employee users not associated with an Employer Group will be prompted to enter their Employer Code at login. For clarification on how to reconnect an employee account to a client, visit our FAQ section. Sending Average Total Number of Employees with Submissions When submitting forms, the average total number of employees (ATNE) will now be sent to the insurance carrier. Now Supporting Password Encryption of XLSX & XLSM Files As with existing file types, FormFire now supports encryption of XLSX and XLSM files with a password.