The greatest challenge many college students face is balancing their schedule between school and work. For eight weeks I managed my time between being a full-time student, working a job, and having an internship at FormFire. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to let the part-time job in the food industry go.  It wasn’t a sign of defeat due to a busy schedule or being overwhelmed. Instead, it’s a new beginning and a fresh start.  Granted, I would be lying if I said doing all three wasn’t difficult.  This internship has made me want to devote more time into it and to take the opportunity to learn more both on my free time and at the office. There is so much to tell of my experiences at FormFire since the time I began the internship. Here is a summary of what I learned and my experiences over the past several weeks. My main job duty is providing technical support for FormFire’s customers.  This involves resetting passwords and assisting customers in navigating and using FormFire’s web-based product.  I have developed troubleshooting skills and techniques by identifying problems and determining a solution. Aside from technical support, I have been working on special projects.  The projects involve developing applications to be used internally by FormFire employees to simplify current processes. This is allowing me to further develop my programming and problem solving skills.  I am becoming more familiar with the Visual Studios IDE in terms of how to build the application and finding out what’s possible and what isn’t. I think the main thing that I enjoy about these projects is being exposed to different aspects and departments of FormFire.  It’s interesting to see how the company operates at different levels and how everything connects to form a cohesive unit.  I look forward to what lies ahead. Learn about FormFire internship opportunities by emailing: Written by: Brandon Schifko - Technical Support Intern