About FormFire

About FormFire

FormFire was founded in 2006 to offer small businesses and their brokers a simpler way to work. We created an Intelligent Interview system which could guide employees through a single set of dynamic questions able to accommodate any insurance carrier’s applications. At the center of the Interview was a simple, yet comprehensive online Medical Health Questionnaire. Finally we developed a flexible Mapping Engine which could map the data collected back to the paper forms required at the time.


Since then, we’ve relentlessly pulled the market into the digital age. More carriers are accepting digital feeds for small groups. More groups are working online. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, working online is becoming even easier. For fully-insured groups where medical information, our process is even more streamlined. For self-funded groups where medical insurance still is required, we have the best system on the market.

As private exchanges or marketplaces become more common, we are leveraging our expertise, carrier relationships and customer base to provide the most flexible and most affordable Private Marketplace to brokers serving small groups and large alike.



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