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About FormFire

About FormFire

When it comes down to it, FormFire is simply the best platform for health insurance quoting, selling and enrollment.

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Broadest Small Business Digital Platform

FormFire is the only company that can cover Community-Rated, Medical Underwritten, Self-Insurance, and Voluntary and Ancillary Benefits. From getting a quote, to getting enrolled, to ongoing group management, FormFire offers a single, flexible system.

Largest Range of Insurance Applications

FormFire has the broadest range of Carrier applications for applying to and enrolling in benefits insurance.

Most Robust and Secure Collection of Medical Health Information

Form Fire has the most extensive platform for the collection of personal/private health information that is HIPAA/HITECH/GENA compliant and can service carriers in their own unique formats.

Nationally Recognized and Compliant eSignature

FormFire is the only group that has a fully eSign compliant, Carrier-endorsed signature process that covers both the employee and employer application process.

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Most Experience in Helping Agencies with Small Business Work

FormFire is recognized as an authority and expert when working with small businesses and digital processes.



FormFire was founded in 2006 to offer brokers and their small business clients a simpler way to work. Since our beginning, we’ve relentlessly pulled the market into the digital age. FormFire’s platform allows brokers to grow through efficient quoting and customer management. More carriers are accepting digital feeds for small groups. More groups are working online.

Now, with the Affordable Care Act, working online is becoming even easier. For fully-insured groups, our process is even more streamlined. For self-funded groups where medical insurance is still required, we have the best system on the market.