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ISMA Insurance Agency Group Health Plans


One of the biggest challenges for many medical practices is finding first-rate health insurance at an affordable price. ISMA Insurance Agency helps medical practices face that challenge through the Medical Practice Consortium and Anthem Small Group plans.

Medical Practice Consortium

In 2018, the Medical Practice Consortium was formed to help face this challenge. The Consortium consists of multiple medical practices throughout the state that have united together to leverage strength in numbers to obtain affordable health insurance coverage for their physicians, employees, and families.

Unique Advantages

  • All medical plans use the extensive Anthem Blue Access Network, providing access to a wide variety of physicians, other medical professionals, hospitals and medical facilities

  • Premiums are discounted based on favorable claims experience

  • Dedicated ISMA Insurance Agency agents and support staff provide customer service and premium administration

The Consortium serves as a valuable benefit for:

  • Physicians, their spouses, and their children through age 26

  • Non-physician employees who work at least 20 hours per week in a medical office or medically related facility, their spouses, and their children through age 26

  • For more information on the Medical Practice Consortium, please visit

Anthem Small Group

For some medical practices, a community-rated plan through Anthem Small Group will be a better option than the experience-rated Medical Practice Consortium plan. The Anthem underwriting process will help make that determination. ISMA Insurance Agency offers Anthem Small Group PPO and HSA medical plans with a wide range of deductibles, all using Anthem’s vast provider networks. Dental, life, and vision plans are also available.

How to Get Started

  • Complete the form below.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email as our team reviews your form, with instructions for having each of your full-time employees provide additional information through a secure online portal.

  • We will assist you with reviewing options and premiums and completing the enrollment process.