JavaScript Required

The FormFire web application requires a browser that supports JavaScript. Currently, your browser either does not support JavaScript or JavaScript is turned off.

If you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer 6 or higher, then your browser does support JavaScript, and you can check to ensure that it is turned on by following the instructions below.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click here to open instructions in a new window. Follow the instructions, and then return to this window.
  2. The refresh this page or Click here to try again.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. If you use Windows: Select the Options... item from the Tools menu.
  2. If you use a Macintosh, or Linux: Select the Preferences item from the Edit menu.
  3. All Users: Once the Preferences or Options window opens, click the Content tab.
  4. On the Content tab, you should see an option that says Enabled JavaScript. Ensure that this is checked, as shown below.

    Enable Javascript in Firefox

  5. Click OK in the Preferences window to save your settings.
  6. Refresh this page or Click here to try again.