Work at FormFire

Why not work with a group of talented people that take pride in what they do, and occasionally indulge in popcorn and happy hour?

At FormFire, we are results-oriented. We seek people with drive and a natural curiosity, as well as critical thinking skills to get the job done.  Sometimes, to get the job done, creativity is involved and that’s ok!

We focus on creating work-life harmony and offer generous time off. Our FunFire Committee is always busy planning happy hours, after hours events, lunchtime movies during Shark Week, or competitive cornhole tournaments in the hallway.  Coming to work doesn’t have to be a drag. At FormFire, it isn’t.

Cleveland's top work places award for FormFire

Our Team

Our company is not made up of machines. Our assets are our people. We know that and do everything we can to make sure employees feel challenged, rewarded and successful.


We were honored to win the Top Workplace Award from the Plain Dealer in 2018. What’s most important about this award is that it’s determined by survey responses from the FormFire employees, not statistics.

Growth/Career Development

Opportunities abound at FormFire. Share your career goals with your manager, a different manager, your peers…and we’ll work with you on a plan to achieve those goals.

FormFire Around Town

The Perks


Generous Benefits Package


Quarterly In-Office Happy Hours

Summer and Holiday Parties

After Work Team-Building Events

In-House, Company-Paid Fitness Center

Adjustable Standing Desks

Movie Theatre Popcorn Machine

Lively Downtown Location

“My First 90 Days at FormFire”

My first 90 days at FormFire have been amazing! Before I started, they sent around a “getting to know you” email so I was approached by several new coworkers with common interests on my first day. The sense of being welcomed and appreciated has just grown from there.

It’s great to work with a fantastic, diverse group of people who are all striving for a common goal. Most companies say they value teamwork, but FormFire puts in a lot of time making sure that happens. On the social side, we’ve closed early for a picnic lunch and an in-office Happy Hour to name a few. In the business sense, we’ve had meetings where the entire company learned about our exciting new direction together, directly from our founder and managers, instead of the standard method of communication where everyone learns parts of the plan, only as it applies to their specific role.

I’d encourage anyone to join me at FormFire, a company where our personal growth is encouraged, and our ideas are heard. Exciting changes are on the way and you should come be a part the team that will make them happen!

-Heather Dougan, Client Service Adviser


Joining the FormFire team was one of the best career decisions I have made. From my first day, to 90 days later, I still feel just as welcomed and valued. Every day is a new adventure and FormFire encourages growth and innovation.

FormFire strives to build an environment that encourages the team mentality. With so many fun events and team building opportunities, I have never felt siloed into my position and/or department. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and truly wants to see you and the organization succeed. I feel in control of my career at FormFire and empowered to make business decisions.

I highly recommend joining the FormFire team; I did 90 days ago and have never looked back!

-Danielle Louis, Program Manager