Application Milestone

We're excited to announce that FormFire just generated its 10 millionth medical application for its customer base of over 1 million individuals.

"This is a monumental achievement" said Michael Epp, FormFire Co-Founder and President. "Obtaining medical coverage as a small business is a complicated task, requiring extensive medical history from each employee. Having processed more than 10 million forms, we're confident that we've created the most robust, widely-used system of its kind".

FormFire's Digital Process 

FormFire's role in digitizing a traditionally paper-bound process has potentially brought millions of dollars in savings to the healthcare industry as a whole. FormFire's carrier partners estimate the cost of processing a paper application at $10 to more than $50 depending on the length and complexity of the form. FormFire's digital solution reduces or eliminates this cost by providing digital copies of the carrier's own form or replacing the form entirely via a digital data feed, enabling more automation.

"When considering the cost of healthcare in America, many people don't take into account the time involved in simply applying for coverage," Epp said. "From the moment an individual or employee completes an application, to the time spent by each carrier processing those applications to provide a quote, the meter is running. And this is before that individual is even covered. FormFire streamlines that process. And we're continuing to leverage our technology to build on those efficiencies."