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General Agencies

General Agencies can become more efficient by using FormFire's Health Insurance Quoting Software to sell, manage and collaborate with partner agencies.

Simplify the process of connecting to Broker Partners

FormFire enables Brokerage General Agencies to provide a wide variety of support services for Brokers that benefit not only their Agency but also their Broker and Carrier partners and the Groups they serve. From taking online applications and tracking cases to providing immediate quotes from Carriers and insight to underwriting questions, FormFire makes managing Group benefits more efficient for Brokerage General Agencies.

  • Organize, manage, support and collaborate with partner agencies and producers working with Small Group Self-Funded, Level Funded and Ancillary Products.
  • Gain actionable insights into the entire sales distribution channel with an Enterprise-level reporting feature.
  • Reduce turnaround time with customized proposals.
  • Create new sales opportunities with strategic product promotion capabilities.
  • Increase cross-selling with in-app Broker messaging.
  • Access individual Broker records to see information on Employees or help with the application process as well as send important messages to the HR rep.

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Make your Brokers and independent agencies stand out 

In a competitive benefits marketplace, Brokers need to have a competitive advantage to stand out. To effectively differentiate themselves, independent insurance agencies and Brokers rely on General Agencies to advise them on ways to stay efficient and competitive.


  • Retain control of Brokers with different user settings and the command/control to handle the sub-agents.

  • Simple import and export features to transfer information seamlessly.

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM.

  • Providing immediate policy quotes.

  • Educate Groups on product fit with FormFire's proprietary health audit.
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Proven to Help General Agencies and their Brokers

General Agencies like Expresslink found that their Brokers struggled with processing large amounts of information while simultaneously aligning with unique Carrier requirements for medically underwritten products. Read how Expresslink used FormFire to solve the issue and boost it's Broker's business.

Read Expresslink Case Study
FormFire has been used to submit health information of current groups to the Carriers to provide lower rates for our Broker’s to present to their clients. Capturing all information upfront allows for a smooth sold case submission. It has been a win for all!
Sara K. Expresslink
FormFire's customer service is great! Whenever I need help with something they are quick to help me get everything sorted out.
Josef S. Euclid Managers

Some of FormFire's General Agency Partners

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