FormFire Technology Comes with Added Security 

Maintaining the privacy and security of employee healthcare information is of utmost importance to employers, providers, insurers, brokers and any other person privy to the information. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received a record 100,000 complaints of discrimination in 2011 that included a 2% increase in claims related to a disability and a 1% increase in claims related to age.

Yet, the process of obtaining company health insurance coverage requires that employees fill out paper questionnaires on an annual basis with sensitive personal information – including social security numbers that are prime targets for thieves – that are then assembled, manually submitted to the insurance bidding process, and stored in a secure (You hope) location.

Not only is this process redundant and inefficient – often compared to the mountains of paperwork parents need to complete every year for every child in school – but there is no guarantee that the many people who could come in contact with employee healthcare information appreciate its confidentiality. In addition, it is difficult, if not impossible, to verify exactly who has access to the information or what route the paperwork takes. With its newly developed and unique technology, FormFire is the first group in the country to overcome these inherent limitations and offer secure HIPAA auditing and tracking for all its users.

Colin Ingram, a partner with FormFire, a specialty company that provides online healthcare insurance services to the industry, small businesses and individuals, says: “It’s important that any service provider be HIPAA/HITECH compliant. All enterprises from employer to insurance carrier have a responsibility to keep data safe and away from prying eyes that could potentially use it to discriminate. The individual also has the right to understand what happens to their information and be able to get their hands on a complete audit as needed.”

FormFire allows individuals to securely enter and edit their personal information via an easy-to-use, prompt-driven Internet portal that can provide an audit at any time that discloses where the medical information has been sent and how it has been used. The system contains automated mandatory compliance safeguards to groups and organizations, which also helps to prevent the risk of fraud.

“Many people are tentative about Internet security, but if done right, it provides far more security than the current antiquated procedure. Paper is much riskier and a less accountable process,” Ingram adds. “The solutions are supported by very sophisticated technology and regulations that clients don’t necessarily have to learn themselves but need to know are available.”

About FormFire, LLC

Based in Cleveland, OH, FormFire is the country's leading provider of digital online processes for the paperbound world of small group health insurance quoting, sold case installation, and group renewal for employees and employers, brokers and carriers. Since 2005, FormFire has processed millions of medical applications using its intelligent interview and medical health questionnaire, reducing the time, effort and number of errors typically involved in paper applications. FormFire has the largest number of users; is integrated with most carriers; is knowledgeable about electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) for insurance; and has built systems that previously did not exist to address an unmet need for the insurance industry. For more information, visit

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