FormFire, LLC announces the launch of their improved ACA Quote Engine which is more accurate, timely and widely available. Through a partnership with the industry-leading Carrier data provider, Vericred, FormFire is able to provide information from a single, reliable source.

The FormFire ACA Quote Engine allows Brokers to gather plan and pricing information for small group, fully-insured plans. FormFire’s standard proposal is included with the engine,  which provides a breakdown of plan and pricing data, as well as calculations for age-banded and composite rates.

Vericred gives FormFire access to health insurance and employee benefit data through a universal API. Through this partnership, FormFire can quickly and efficiently expand the states in which Carriers plans and pricing are available, all while reducing the possibility for any error during data input.

"Relaunching our ACA Quote Engine has given us a number of new opportunities," said Andrew Laytin, Chief Technology Officer at FormFire. "Most importantly, we improved the accuracy of the rates coming out of our system, which our Broker customers have been requesting."

The FormFire ACA Quote engine currently provides plan and pricing information in the majority of US States. FormFire is working toward full US coverage and is regularly adding new states to the engine. Automating the upload of plan details and rates will increase the speed to market and allow Brokers to quote more quickly as new rates become available.

FormFire is constantly working to make Brokers’ jobs more efficient so they can spend more time growing their client relationships. With these new updates to the ACA Quote Engine, they have made it easier for Brokers to generate accurate quotes for multiple Carriers all at once.

These new updates will be available on September 18.