FormFire releases several feature enhancements and fixes on a regular basis to improve our product and to better serve our customers. Below is a brief overview of our system updates for 8/31/2016.

MEWA Updates

SOCA MEWA Send Forms Checklists for Ancillary Lines

When selecting the Anthem for SOCA BP Dental, Life or Vision carrier, the checklist for the ancillary specific checklist will now show on the right.

Enrollment Wait Periods

As part of FormFire’s 1095 Compliance feature, enrollment wait periods will be a mandatory at the Broker level for all Employer Groups participating in MEWA. For additional MEWA resources, visit our Anthem SOCA BP Help Section.

Bug Fixes

Employee Transfer

Some Employees may have experienced a bug that was preventing them from transferring their account to a new Employer. The system would time out and display an error message that said to contact FormFire. This issue has been resolved. employee-transfer-request

 Saving User Email in User Details

When administering users from the Employee List, some users would receive an error page when trying to update an Employee's email address. This bug has been resolved and email updates from this screen will no longer produce an error. email-update

Editing Employees

Some HR Managers received a blank page when opening an Employee Status page for previously edited employees. This issue has been resolved. --- If you find a bug or need assistance, please contact us at or visit our Support Center at