Image of a Broker filling out a FormFire Survey

At FormFire, we offer a simpler way to work. Our clients spend the majority of their time on jobs like quoting, collecting data and creating proposals. We have developed tools to streamline these processes so our clients can focus on the things that matter.

We surveyed over 120 Brokers to discover how we could better help them meet their goals. They told us FormFire’s simplified processes, fast quoting, easy comparison tools and paperless submissions enabled them to grow their business and maintain their current clients.


The Results

Building relationships with clients takes time. In fact, 75% of survey respondents said they ran out of time when dealing with their Groups during renewal season. Almost two-thirds spent 10 hours or more working with each Small Group.

  • 73% worked 10-19 hours with each Group

  • 41% worked 20-29 hours with each Group

  • 19% worked 30+ hours with each Group

Which task takes up the most time? For 30% of Brokers, quoting was the most time-consuming job. Working on these tasks kept Brokers from focusing on their top priorities—attracting new clients to their business and growing their relationships with current clients.

Overall, Brokers were pleased with FormFire’s platform. Our software streamlined the work involved in the benefits enrollment process by making it easier for Brokers to quote during renewal season. They could also create custom proposals, display products side-by-side and finalize paperwork and applications electronically. 


Here’s just some of the positive feedback we received from Brokers:

  • “FormFire is a great tool, and our clients appreciate how easy it is to use.”

  • “I like FormFire and the staff who help answer questions. Always on point in professionalism and helpfulness.”

  • “FormFire is a great solution for us during renewal time.”

  • “FormFire has been very helpful and is a good tool for the smaller Groups. I have had some larger Groups (over 50) that have also benefited from FormFire.”

  • “Just keep doing the awesome job that you are doing.”

FormFire’s software is designed to save you time during the enrollment process. If you’re interested in learning more, call us at (216) 357-7400 or schedule a free demo today.