A Broker providing a streamlined online insurance enrollment solution for his Groups. The open enrollment period is a crucial time for any Broker. While timelines may vary from group to group, many Brokers ideal is to start work 90 days prior to enrollment. Nobody wants to have problems arise when the clock is ticking. As for the Employers and individual Group members, they have their own concerns that need to be addressed. Fortunately, there are several ways that Brokers can set themselves and their Groups up for success.

Simplify the Selection Process

No employee wants to go through a complicated, frustrating process involving several sheets of paper. The ability to have employees make plan selections online is a great way to simplify the process that helps both Brokers and Groups. FormFire online insurance enrollment software gives employees a plan selection tool that allows them to compare options and see real-time pricing for a full benefits package, which can include medical, dental, vision and other ancillary benefits. Employees can then check off which products they want to purchase and FormFire will map to the appropriate election sheets, which are securely transmitted to the Carriers. This saves employees from filling out multiple benefits election sheets by hand, which is saves everyone a lot of time and frustration.

Give Employees Access

To have employees make plan selections online, they’ll need access. Of course, this also means making sure that it’s easy for them to access their accounts, especially if they can’t recall their username or password for the employee portal. FormFire solves this issue by allowing employees to reset their passwords directly through the employee portal. If an employee doesn’t remember their username, the portal provides steps for them to recover the username without having to call for assistance.

Maintain Open Communications

While it can be nice for employees and Employers to not have to contact someone for basic information, there will be times when they have questions or need to speak with a Broker. It’s important for Brokers to set expectations and explain the open enrollment process up front so that every individual understands what they need to do. This includes informing every one of key due dates and why certain things are important. Brokers should also provide Employers and their employees a means to contact them in case they need any clarification or help throughout the process. Not only will this help Groups successfully navigate the open enrollment period, but it will also help them see you as a key partner instead of somebody who’s just there to take their money and information.

Set Up Notifications

Sometimes technology can be the best communicator. Throughout the open enrollment process, there can be employees who forget to complete their selections and provide information in a timely manner. If left alone for too long, this can leave Brokers and Employers playing catch-up with these individuals to make sure they meet their due dates. It can be stressful to try and make sure every employee completes their selections in a timely fashion, which is why it’s smart for Brokers to set up notifications to inform them when individuals complete their selections so they can keep track of who is falling behind. FormFire allows Brokers to set up these notifications so that they and HR managers or business owners are updated on a regular basis. They can also send out reminders to prompt stragglers via email so that they can complete their selections without management having to remind them in person.

Make Groups Feel Secure

Security is another point of stress for Employers during the open enrollment period. Investing in online insurance enrollment software that ensures the security of Group data allows Employers and their employees to feel secure when providing personal information online. With FormFire, Employers can say that only employees, their Broker, and the underwriters will see their personal data and that the employees will always own their own data and determine how it’s used. FormFire is certified by HITRUST  and maintains security through daily performance scans to check for any vulnerabilities and is regularly audited by a third-party security partner. Any data is also stored in our SAS 70-compliant, secure data center and follows requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).

Prepare Ahead of Time

For Brokers, productivity is key. It’s important to be prepared to have a successful open enrollment period. This means that Brokers should have their tools in place to make sure they can lay plans out with a full benefits package, efficiently send information to Carriers, and ensure that this information is secure. FormFire offers Brokers a professional set of tools that streamlines the group benefits process from start to finish, including the all-important open enrollment period.

Our software offers a simplified benefits experience that can help Brokers save time and impress their Groups all at once. Request a FormFire demo today to see the benefits for yourself.