Kaiser Permanente, A Nation Leading Health Insurance Provider

Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's leading health insurance providers, now accepts FormFire's online digital signature for both quoting and sold case business in the state of Ohio.

This innovative move by Kaiser brings more opportunity for all involved in small business healthcare insurance to lower cost and time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Kaiser's agreement makes FormFire the only online application provider in the country to offer this unique option with Kaiser's full range of small business health insurance products. Kaiser Permanente joins a growing number of insurance carriers who choose FormFire to help manage and authenticate the needed and legally binding information when small businesses are sourcing their benefit needs online. Click here to see a complete list of FormFire Carrier Partners. If you would like to see how FormFire can help your business, please connect to our online demo schedule at FormFire Demo.

About FormFire, LLC

Based in Cleveland, OH, we are the country's leading provider of digital online processes for the paperbound world of small group health insurance quoting, sold case installation, and group renewal for employees and employers, brokers and carriers. Since 2005, FormFire has processed millions of medical applications using its intelligent interview and medical health questionnaire, reducing the time, effort and number of errors typically involved in paper applications. FormFire has the largest number of users; is integrated with most carriers; is knowledgeable about electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) for insurance; and has built systems that previously did not exist to address unmet needs for the insurance industry.

If you would like to know more about FormFire, please visit us on the web at: www.formfire.com, email: sales@formfire.com or call (216) 502-2324.

Best Regards, FormFire Sales Team www.formfire.com