What if you could quote, enroll, and maintain Small Groups without the hassle of paper and multiple platforms? FormFire gives Brokers a competitive advantage by making benefits management quicker, easier and more attractive for small groups.

Eliminate the hassle of quoting and enrolling

Between the time it takes to create a proposal and the challenge of filling in missing information from Employees and Groups, quoting and enrolling can be a time-consuming endeavor. With FormFire, take the pain out of the process.

  • An “all-in-one-place” platform for collecting medical information, pulling rates from carriers, and presenting quotes to Groups.
  • Forget collecting paper applications and submitting them to numerous Carriers. FormFire has one uniform online interview for Employees that is compatible with thousands of Carrier forms.

Set yourself apart from the competition

In a competitive benefits marketplace, Brokers need to have a competitive advantage to stand out. With FormFire, Brokers can quickly provide numerous quotes in a polished, shopping-like experience.

  • No need to prepare time-consuming presentations for each client, simply use FormFire’s OpenShelf interface to present a well-designed shopping experience for group benefits.
  • While the competitors are spending time pulling rates from multiple Carriers, Brokers using FormFire simply collect census information once and FormFire does the rest.
Easy to Use

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Working with paper and spreadsheets can be tedious and unorganized. Even many benefits management platforms can take weeks or months to set up, with Brokers losing valuable time that could be spent with their clients. With FormFire, the process couldn’t be simpler.

  • New Brokers can be set up within a matter of minutes, and the easy-to-use interface doesn’t require weeks of training. Leave behind multiple documents and systems and manage everything from one simple yet powerful platform.
  • With FormFire, Brokers have the added value of a customer support team that not only supports the Broker, but the Employer and Employees as well.

Security You Can Trust

Collecting employee medical information requires a lot of care to ensure collection and storage practices are compliant and secure. FormFire offers a compliant way to populate Carrier forms for groups, and Brokers can promote the fact that the security of their Groups’ data is unparalleled.

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