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Group Plan Assign

FormFire’s Group Plan Assign tool saves time by allowing Brokers to bulk-assign plan elections for their Groups.


Open Enrollment Simplified

To accommodate Groups during a passive enrollment, FormFire’s Group Plan Assign tool reduces friction and makes reenrolling easier than ever.

To eliminate extra work and stress, Brokers can now simply step in on behalf of individuals and use the Group Plan Assign tool to make selections for specific Employees.

FormFire’s Group Plan Assign gives Brokers the ability to assign health plans to all the Employees who aren’t waiving coverage.


Reporting on Enrollment

In addition to assigning plans, Brokers can run reports that will pull all the plan elections for their Groups. This can be done after either the Employees select their own plan(s) or the Broker assigns the plan(s) to the Employees' accounts through Group Plan Assign.

The report compiles all relevant information on the Employees in one central location. Data points include:

    • Employee name, SSN and Date of Birth
    • Whether or not the Employee completed their account
    • The cost to the Employee per coverage line
    • The total for all coverage line(s) combined per Employee
    • Each plan the Employee selected per coverage line
    • Tier Employee falls into per coverage line
    • Carrier selected per coverage line

Contact us today to learn how tools like FormFire’s Group Plan Assign can save you time and streamline your workflow.


Security You Can Trust

Collecting Employee medical information requires a lot of care to ensure collection and storage practices are compliant and secure. FormFire offers a compliant way to populate Carrier forms for Groups that ensures the security of Employer Groups’ data is unparalleled.

FormFire is HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and HITRUST certified. To learn more about FES’ security practices, click here.