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FormFire Social Security Number Usage

Social Security Numbers

Social Security numbers are used for limited purposes and stored securely within FormFire. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Social Security numbers.

Why Social Security Numbers are required

All medical carriers currently working with FormFire require SSNs to write a new medical policy. Some also require SSNs to provide medically-underwritten rates to an employer seeking confirmed pricing upfront. They require this data whether using FormFire to apply for coverage, or standard paper applications.

How FormFire uses Social Security Numbers

FormFire uses SSNs solely for the purpose of aiding employees apply for medical coverage. This includes providing medical carriers with SSNs where required. Additionally, SSNs can be used to help monitor the status of employees who have not yet created a FormFire account. Once an employee creates a FormFire account, the SSN is no longer used as a unique identifier. We do not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. For more information regarding your privacy, please refer to FormFire’s privacy statement located online at

How Social Security Numbers are stored

SSNs are stored securely with the rest of your Protected Health Information in FormFire’s datacenter. FormFire’s servers are audited regularly by third party security experts and accessible only by authorized personnel.

FormFire vs. paper applications

Unlike paper applications, FormFire follows strict guidelines for routing user data which is actually more private than paper. Where paper applications can be viewed by anyone with physical access to them, FormFire securely routes user information directly to those legally allowed by HIPAA to view it. This ensures SSNs can’t be lost in the mail or viewed by unauthorized personnel.

Options for employees not wishing to use FormFire

Because the carriers require SSNs, unfortunately, the only option is to use paper applications to apply to each carrier. Employees will still need to provide SSNs wishing to apply this way.