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Auto Error Check

Before signing, our system sends an employee’s data through an error check automatically to catch any incorrect or missing information.

Auto Error Check image

FormFire’s error check technology saves you time scrubbing applications manually by ensuring when you get forms back from a Group they are complete. No more back and forth to gather missing information.


Ensure Accuracy on Carrier Applications

Brokers know all too well how easy it can be for clients to make a mistake or miss filling in some information on an application. Not only does that add to your workload by having to review each document with a meticulous eye, but it also takes time to track the Employee down and collect incorrect or missing information.

Quickly Correct Errors

Employees will see a summary of all the information they entered before they can move on to the next step. With just a click of a button, Employees can quickly correct any errors that show up.

Once all errors have been corrected, the Employee will be able to Confirm Conditions for themselves and all their dependents as well as move on and complete their application.