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To capture a legally binding signature, FormFire's eSignature saves time by allowing Employees to electronically sign using their mouse. This collects the digital signature required to seal the account as well as an electronic "wet" signature that can be populated on a paper application when required.


FormFire’s proprietary electronic signature technology was developed specifically to meet the needs of the health insurance industry.


Once signed, should any change occur to the Employee’s data, the signature is automatically invalidated and the Employee is notified. And FormFire’s eSignature technology meets the strict regulations of HIPAA and HITECH.



To accommodate as many users as possible, multiple technologies for capturing signatures are employed and selected automatically based on browser capability. FormFire’s eSignature technology captures a signature that:

  • Cannot be forged by machine

  • Can be displayed on paper as clearly as a standard “wet” signature that has means to verify it

  • Contains the exact time and IP address of the signature event