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Form Mapping

FormFire automatically maps Carrier forms from the online Employee Interview, ensuring only error-free, necessary data is collected. No more error checking, no more unnecessary data collection.


For Carriers requiring their own applications, FormFire’s Mapping Engine ensures the data collected in the Interview is properly populated onto specific applications as if the Employee completed the form by hand.

Required Info – No More, No Less

FormFire’s Mapping Engine only places the information required by each form. For instance, while Employees can provide a full medical history, if a given form only requires five years’ worth of history, only the medical information of the past five years and related info will appear on the form.


Extra Info – Neat and Organized

The Mapping Engine places any information that will fit on the form itself. However, if an Employee provides more information than what will fit on the form, it is moved to an addendum sheet (or sheets) and indicated on the form.

The addendum sheets are organized by dependent and medical condition, making it easier for underwriters to interpret. Often, our addendum format is preferred over the forms themselves.


On Demand

FormFire maps tens of thousands of forms per day. Our distributed mapping technology ensures you’ll never be waiting more than a few seconds for a form to be created. Also, our proprietary file system keeps track of every form ever created.