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Group Plan Assign

FormFire’s Group Plan Assign saves time by allowing Brokers to assign plan elections for Employers and Employees in bulk.


FormFire was designed to streamline the enrollment process. Our Group Plan Assign tool enables Brokers to renew health insurance plans for Groups in bulk with just a few clicks.


Passive Enrollment without the Hassle

For passive enrollment or those who are not making any changes to their existing health plan, it can be challenging for Brokers to get Groups to reselect and sign up for the same plans again. To streamline the open enrollment process, Brokers have the ability to assign the health plan to all of the Employees who aren’t waiving coverage.


Open Enrollment Simplified

To accommodate users who don’t have easy access to computers, or for those who may not be as technologically savvy and struggled to get through FormFire’s Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ), our simplified enrollment process has been made even easier. To eliminate any extra stress, Brokers can simply step in and make the plan selection for the Employee.