Business Intelligence Reporting

Digitizing medical information allows a level of business intelligence not possible with paper.

For Carriers, view a Group medical summary allowing you to quickly judge risk. For Brokers, see which Groups are renewing, which should be renewing, and provide your customers with a better picture of their group’s health.

Activity Reporting

See which Groups are coming up for renewal, which Employees are complete or updating. You can also see a yearly snapshot of clients added, number of Employees in each Group and their renewal date.

Medical Condition Summaries

Medical summaries can improve an underwriter’s ability to rate a group and explain to a Broker or Employer why a Group is rated a certain way. Such a summary could even be the basis of a corporate wellness plan. Brokers can also compare a Group’s health metrics against other industries.

Exportable to PDF

All Reports can be exported to PDF to provide Groups with summaries and provide Brokers with presentation material for renewals.

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