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Intelligent Employee Interview

FormFire’s Intelligent Employee Interview makes collecting personal information and health history quicker for Employees, and eliminates time-consuming error checking for Brokers.


The heart of FormFire is the Intelligent Employee Interview. As Employees complete the interview, the system will automatically reconfigure itself to collect only the information required by the Carriers and relevant to that Employee’s unique situation.

Medical Health Questionnaire

FormFire’s unique Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ) is unlike any you’ve seen on paper. Rather than listing dozens of overlapping questions and hundreds of medical questions, our MHQ walks through a series of specific medical questions as paper applications might, collecting details as necessary.

As Employees indicate a yes, MHQ knows to go back and collect specific details about those yes answers. Details that overlap are automatically populated into related questions. For example, if an Employee indicates they take medication for a specific condition, those details will automatically be available when asked about medications.

Medication Database

FormFire maintains a list of all FDA approved medications and dosages and links them back to associated medical conditions, saving Employees time and ensuring proper medication information is entered.

If an Employee is entering details about a spouse’s medical condition and recalls that they take a medication but not the specific name, the Employee can view a list of commonly taken medications for that condition. A “not sure” on a paper application can now be a specific medication.

Error Check

As an Employee moves through the interview, all required fields are marked. However, we realize an Employee may not have all details and may have to come back later. For that reason, prior to signing, the Employee’s data goes through a customized error check. Any missing or inconsistent information can be corrected here, without having to go back through the entire interview.

Ensuring the information sent to Carriers is consistent and complete reduces the number of calls back to Brokers or Employees themselves, saving time and aggravation and providing more accurate quotes.


To capture a legally binding signature, FormFire’s eSignature saves time by allowing Employees to electronically sign using their mouse. This collects the digital signature required to seal the account as well as an electronic “wet” signature that can be populated on a paper application when required.