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Plan Selection

Employees can select from their available plans during open enrollment, and make qualifying changes outside of open enrollment using our online marketplace tool. Employees benefit elections can be sent to the Carriers either via excel file or mapped to the required form.

Submit Forms Directly to Carriers

Through FormFire, Brokers are able to submit Employee benefit election forms directly to Carriers. Employees fill out online forms, and that data automatically maps to Carrier forms.


Easier Benefits Selection for Employees

Employees have access to a simple shopping-like benefits experience. FormFire will show Employees how many days they have left in their open enrollment period, as well as the date that their coverare begins. They’ll also be able to choose from available benefits plans, through which they’ll see:

  • Plan Details

  • Benefits Summary (PDF)

  • Benefits Costs (monthly premiums)


Benefit Summaries

FormFire manages available plans centrally for your convenience. However, you have the ability to tie a custom plan description or summary document to any plan you choose for review by the employees.