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Association Health Plan Solutions

FormFire provides Association Health and Benefits plans with a more efficient way to manage benefits at scale, all while staying compliant.

If you’re looking for Technology and Service solutions to help with a:

AHP |  MEWA | PEO | Captive

Large groups like associations, MEWAs and PEOs often offer participating Employers the buying power of group benefits at a much lower rate. However, the administration of these benefits plans can be challenging due to the large amount of paperwork and data collection, not to mention the challenge of staying compliant.


FormFire’s benefits solution offers a more efficient way to manage benefits at scale, all while staying compliant.

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Association Benefit Manager

Program Initiation

Compliance and legal
Carrier selection
Member on-boarding
Documentation repository

Product Distribution

Nationwide network
Product promotion
Marketing campaigns
Distribution of product


Concierge plans
Live Support
Underwriting services
On-boarding automation

Reporting & Analytics

ROI analysis
Member activity
End-of-year summaries
Program audits

Program Initiation

Program Initiation & Consulting

  • Compliance & legal document filing
  • Carrier selection & integration
  • Best practices program planning

Member Management

  • Documentation repository
  • Life-event tracking
  • Continuation vendor integration
  • Member activity reporting

Product Distribution

Digital Sales & Distribution

  • Streamline “Quote-to-Sale”
  • Nationwide distribution network
  • Digital product cross-sell

Marketing & Promotion

  • Promotion Campaigns
  • Product/Plan promotion
  • Voluntary product marketplace
  • White-label quoting websites


Services & Support

  • Transitional/Conversion group install automation
  • Concierge services packages
  • Priority support help-line

Underwriting Services

  • UW program consulting for efficiency
  • Milliman/GRX integration
  • Medical condition reporting

Reporting & Analytics

  • ROI Modeling
  • Activity dashboard
  • Program usage analytics
  • Compliance reporting
  • On-Site spot audits

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