4 Marketing and Sales Strategies for Health Insurance Brokers in 2018The best Broker in the business won’t be successful if people don’t know about his or her services. A good marketing strategy can help you reach a wider audience of potential customers, which can include everything from educating Employers to investing in new software to improve your services. Here are four ways that you can help market yourself to your customers.

Set Yourself Up as an Expert

Employers may not know the ins and outs of enrolling a small business in a Qualified Health Plan, but you sure do. Unfortunately, your potential customers won’t know just how much of an expert you are unless you prove it to them. Establishing yourself as an expert in the field is a good way to attract potential customers who are trying to find a Broker who has the know-how to help them through a confusing process. One way to do this is by creating and maintaining a blog for your business. In fact, Search Engine Journal highlights five different ways that blogging can help your business:

  • Draw more online traffic to your site

  • Nurture and convert potential customers

  • Keep your current customers engaged

  • Differentiate you from competitors

  • Grow demand and interest in your services

Creating comprehensive blog posts can help you achieve these results. Prospective and current clients use the internet to find answers for their health insurance questions. As an expert in that field, you can use your blog to answer those questions and position yourself as a trustworthy expert that can help. Not only can this help you draw in potential customers through Google searches, you can also use these blogs for email marketing or to post them on social channels.

Use Social Media to Market to Your Target Audience

If you’re a Broker that works with small businesses, you want to make sure that your messaging gets to the right people. Social media advertising is one way that you can carefully target the right audience so that you can market your services and potentially draw in new customers. Various social media platforms offer ways to advertise your services to a very targeted audience. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have a wealth of information about every one of its users, which allows you to get lower-cost advertising and sponsored content right in front of your specific audience. Targeting options for these ads include, but are not limited to:

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Industry

  • Company Size

  • Age range

These targeting options allow you to pick and choose just what type of audience you want to reach. From there, you can create content that may interest potential customers and drive them to your site to learn why they should turn to you for their business.


If you provide your customers with great service, don’t be afraid to ask your customers about referrals. A happy customer can be one of your biggest advocates, but they may not consider telling their friends or work associates about you if you don’t suggest it to them. It may feel strange to ask a customer for referrals, but it may not be as awkward as you’d expect. One key is that you only try and approach customers who are happy with your services. These people will be able to honestly talk to their friends or associates about their experience with you. Finance site The Balance also has a few other tips for asking for referrals. [link to https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-ask-for-referrals-and-get-more-clients-2948438] First, try and ask for referrals when you’re face-to-face with a client. Not only will this come off as more genuine to your customer, it’s also harder to ignore than a one-off email. Second, don’t ask for referrals right after you charge a client for your services, as it can come off as though you’re only thinking about money.

Make it Easy for Your Clients

One of the best ways to attract Employers is to offer them a better, more convenient service than your competitors. The healthcare purchasing process can be a major hassle for Employers, which is why technology like the FormFire benefits management platform can be a big selling point. Collecting sensitive medical information is a time-consuming process. FormFire software allows Employers to simplify the process of purchasing and enrolling in benefits by removing paperwork and allowing employees to fill out their information online. This information can then be easily shared with thousands of Carriers, which allows Employers to spend more time focusing on their business instead of tracking down missing information and forms. That extra time is invaluable, which can make a huge difference when they’re choosing a Broker. A little investment in marketing and sales tactics can go a long way. If you’re looking to simplify the benefits management process, reach out to us about FormFire quoting and enrollment software today.