FormFire is happy to announce that we are relaunching our improved ACA Quote Engine. In partnership with Vericred, the industry-leading Carrier data provider, we can provide quote rates and selective Carrier data from a single, reliable source.

What is FormFire's ACA Quote Engine

The Quote Engine is one of the many features available in our software. The Quote Engine allows Brokers to instantly gather plan and pricing information for small group, fully insured ACA plans. FormFire’s standard proposal is included with the engine, which provides a breakdown of plan and pricing data, as well as calculations for age-banded and composite rates.

What Does This Mean For Brokers

The ACA Quote Engine currently provides plan and pricing information in the majority of U.S. states. FormFire is working toward full U.S. coverage and is regularly adding new states to the engine. Automating the upload of plan details and rates will increase the speed to market and allow Brokers to quote more quickly as new rates become available. At FormFire, we are constantly working to make your job as a Broker more efficient. With these new updates to our Quote tool, we have made it easier for you to generate accurate quotes from multiple Carriers at all once.

FormFire Partners with Vericred

Our partnership with Vericred gives us easy access to accurate plan and pricing information.  This allows FormFire to quickly and efficiently expand when a Carrier's plan and pricing become available. Plus, it reduces the possibility for any error during data input.

Updates to the ACA Quote Engine

Our ACA Quote Engine will make the system more accurate, timely and widely available. The new updates include:

  • Calculations for age-banded and composite rates

  • Automated upload of product details and rates

  • Constantly expanding number of states where we offer plans and pricing

  • Our standard proposal tool that includes plan and pricing data

Want to learn more about our ACA Quote Engine? Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo.