A Broker reading FormFire’s newest guide.

As a health insurance Broker, your primary business objective is to attract and retain more customers. However, with so much of your time during enrollment season being taken up by tedious tasks like gathering quotes, creating proposals, and finalizing paperwork, finding time to grow your business can feel difficult.


Like so many other industries across the globe, technology is reinventing how we approach healthcare. During open enrollment, health insurance software for Brokers like digital quoting tools and paperless data sending simplify the benefits experience and make it easier than ever to quote, enroll, and close new and existing Small Groups onto their insurance.


As much as technology can help with our day-to-day tasks, it can be a challenge within itself to find the right health insurance enrollment software that covers the entire journey from quote-to-close. Some software may help collect personal information and health history but fall short when gathering plan elections and populating Carrier-specific censuses. Other health insurance software for Brokers may simplify the way you present plans but take hours to first set up and manage.


FormFire, unlike other health insurance quoting and enrollment software, offers a comprehensive, “all in one” quote-to-close solution for Brokers. The average Broker spends up to 18 hours per year working with each of their Small Groups. FormFire’s extensive tools and features help streamline the quoting and enrollment process so you can have time back to grow your business.


In our newest guide, From Quote to Close: Simplify Your Broker Experience, we break down how FormFire’s health insurance quoting and enrollment software can help you cut down on busy work, reach new customers, and ultimately grow your business. If you are interested in shifting your focus to what you want to be doing, as opposed to what you have to be doing, download the guide today!